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Who Owns Chippendales Now: A Closer Look at the Current Ownership

Chippendales, the renowned male dance troupe, has undergone several changes in ownership over the years. Established in 1979, by Indian-born business entrepreneur, Somen Banerjee, Chippendales quickly gained popularity with their unique blend of entertainment and sensual performances. However, the ownership of the company has transitioned through various hands since its inception.

Initially, Banerjee held the reins of Chippendales, steering its growth and establishing it as a global brand. However, in 1987, the business encountered a significant setback when Banerjee was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire. This event led to a change in ownership, and a consortium of investors took over the company.

Since then, Chippendales has passed through several different owners, each contributing their own influence and expertise to the brand. The details of the current ownership are not readily available, but it is evident that the franchise has continued to flourish under their guidance. Chippendales remains an iconic and celebrated institution, captivating audiences worldwide with their captivating performances and unique brand of entertainment.## The History of Chippendales

The history of Chippendales, the renowned male revue, is a fascinating tale that spans several decades. From its humble beginnings as a small Los Angeles nightclub to its international fame, Chippendales has undergone numerous transformations and ownership changes.

  1. 1979: Creation of Chippendales

    Chippendales was founded in 1979 by Paul Snider and Somen Banerjee. Recognizing the growing demand for male entertainment, they established a unique concept that combined sensuality, choreography, and audience interaction. The club quickly gained popularity, attracting a diverse clientele eager to experience the innovative show.

  2. 1985: The Murder of Paul Snider

    Tragically, in 1980, Paul Snider, the co-founder and former husband of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, was found guilty of murdering Stratten before eventually taking his own life. This shocking incident left Chippendales in turmoil, with Somen Banerjee taking sole ownership of the brand.

  3. 1991: The Expansion of Chippendales

    Under the leadership of Banerjee as the sole owner, Chippendales underwent a period of expansion. The brand opened new venues across the United States, catering to the growing demand for its unique entertainment. The revue became increasingly popular, attracting both enthusiastic female fans and admirers from the LGBTQ+ community.

  4. 2001: The International Success

    In 2001, the ownership of Chippendales changed hands as the brand was acquired by Club Benefits. This transition marked a significant milestone in Chippendales' history, as it set the stage for its rapid international expansion. With new owners at the helm, Chippendales successfully established itself as a global entertainment phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide.

  5. Present: The Current Ownership

    Although ownership of Chippendales has changed hands multiple times throughout its history, the current ownership is held by Chippendales USA, LLC. Today, Chippendales continues to thrive, delighting audiences with captivating performances, jaw-dropping choreography, and the iconic Chippendales brand.

The rich history of Chippendales showcases a brand that, despite facing challenges, has managed to evolve and captivate audiences across the globe. Through its commitment to providing a unique and exhilarating experience, Chippendales retains its status as a leading name in male entertainment.

Previous Ownership of Chippendales

Since its establishment in 1979, Chippendales has seen several changes in ownership. Let's take a closer look at the previous owners who have played a role in shaping the iconic male strip club brand.

  1. Steve Banerjee (1979-1987):

    • Steve Banerjee, an Indian-American entrepreneur, founded Chippendales in Los Angeles in 1979.
    • Under Banerjee's leadership, Chippendales rose to fame with its unique combination of male exotic dancing and entertainment.
    • However, Banerjee's ownership of Chippendales was marred by legal troubles. In 1987, he was convicted of orchestrating an unsuccessful murder-for-hire plot against a former Chippendales choreographer and shipped to prison where he passed away.
  2. Kevin Denberg (1987-1990):

    • Following Banerjee's legal troubles, Kevin Denberg, a businessman from Ohio, acquired Chippendales.
    • Denberg aimed to revamp the brand's image and expand its reach beyond its Los Angeles origins.
    • During his ownership, Chippendales experienced significant growth and became a recognizable name in the entertainment industry.
  3. George (Greg) Zannas (1990-2006):

    • In 1990, the ownership of Chippendales shifted to George Zannas, commonly known as Greg.
    • Zannas continued to build upon Chippendales' success, expanding its presence both nationally and internationally.
    • Under his guidance, Chippendales established itself as a premier brand in the male entertainment industry, delighting audiences across the globe.
  4. Parallel Invest LLC (2006-present):

    • Since 2006, Chippendales has been under the ownership of Parallel Invest LLC, a private investment firm.
    • Parallel Invest has focused on further strengthening Chippendales' brand equity and market position.
    • They have implemented fresh marketing strategies, introduced new choreography, and expanded the brand's presence through touring shows and merchandise.

It is worth noting that while ownership may have changed over the years, Chippendales remains one of the most recognizable and influential male entertainment brands worldwide. With its rich history and ongoing innovation, Chippendales continues to captivate audiences and provide unforgettable experiences.

Please note that the ownership information provided is based on available public sources and may not reflect recent developments.

Introduction to the Current Owners

Chippendales, a renowned adult entertainment and dance troupe, has had a fascinating ownership history over the years. As of [current year], the company is owned by Overseas Ventures LTD. Let's take a closer look at the current owners of Chippendales and their background in the industry.

  • Overseas Ventures LTD: Overseas Ventures LTD is a company with a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors, including entertainment, hospitality, and tourism. Their acquisition of Chippendales came as part of their strategic expansion into the adult entertainment industry. Although specific details regarding the purchase price and terms remain undisclosed, Overseas Ventures LTD has displayed a commitment to maintaining Chippendales' iconic reputation while exploring opportunities for growth.

With Chippendales' rise to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s, the brand became synonymous with male entertainment and a symbol of female empowerment. Over the years, Chippendales has expanded its reach globally, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances and elaborate productions. While the ownership has changed hands multiple times, the essence of Chippendales has remained intact.

Overseas Ventures LTD understands the importance of preserving Chippendales' legacy while also adapting to the evolving tastes and preferences of audiences. They recognize the significant brand recognition and loyal fan base that Chippendales commands, and their ownership aims to build upon this foundation.

In recent years, Chippendales has embraced new avenues for growth, including collaborations with celebrity guest hosts and creating unique experiences through partnerships with global entertainment venues. This strategic approach, under the guidance of Overseas Ventures LTD, has allowed Chippendales to remain a key player in the adult entertainment industry.

As part of their commitment to maintaining the integrity of the brand, Overseas Ventures LTD has continued to invest in the talent and production value that have become synonymous with Chippendales shows. By staying true to the essence of Chippendales while exploring new creative possibilities, the current owners are ensuring that the brand remains both a cultural icon and a trailblazer in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Overseas Ventures LTD's ownership of Chippendales highlights their commitment to preserving the brand's legacy while continuing to captivate audiences with their unique blend of artistry and entertainment.

Key Figures in the Current Ownership

The ownership of Chippendales, the renowned male entertainment brand, has seen various changes over the years. This section takes a closer look at the key figures currently involved in the ownership of Chippendales.

1. Chippendales Entertainment LLC: As of the most recent information available, Chippendales Entertainment LLC is the outright owner of the Chippendales brand. This limited liability company is responsible for the overall management and business operations of Chippendales.

2. Kevin Denberg (CEO): Kevin Denberg is the current CEO of Chippendales Entertainment LLC. With a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, Denberg oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the company. Under his leadership, Chippendales has continued to evolve and expand its presence globally.

3. International Entertainment Holdings Ltd.: It's worth noting that Chippendales Entertainment LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Entertainment Holdings Ltd. (IEHL). IEHL is a publicly listed company in Hong Kong that focuses on various entertainment ventures, including live events, productions, and intellectual property rights.

4. M&R Capital LLC: M&R Capital LLC is an investment management firm that has played a significant role in the ownership structure of Chippendales. While not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of Chippendales, M&R Capital LLC is believed to have a stake in the company.

5. Steve Kempsey (Chairman): Steve Kempsey serves as the Chairman of Chippendales Entertainment LLC. With his extensive background in entertainment and business management, Kempsey provides guidance and strategic direction to the company's leadership.

It is important to note that ownership structures can change over time, and the information provided here is based on the most recent available information. The individuals and entities mentioned above have been instrumental in shaping the current ownership landscape of Chippendales and guiding the brand's continued success.

Table 1: Key Figures in the Current Ownership

Key Figures Roles
Chippendales Entertainment LLC Owner
Kevin Denberg CEO
International Entertainment Holdings Ltd. Parent company of Chippendales Entertainment LLC
M&R Capital LLC Investment management firm with a stake in Chippendales
Steve Kempsey Chairman

Evolution of Chippendales Under Current Ownership

Since its inception in the late 1970s, Chippendales has evolved under various ownerships, each contributing to its growth and popularity in the male entertainment industry. In recent years, a new wave of ownership has ushered in exciting changes and introduced fresh perspectives to the iconic brand.

Under the current ownership, Chippendales has undergone a transformative journey, focusing on expanding its audience reach and enhancing the overall customer experience. Here is a closer look at the evolution of Chippendales under its current ownership:

  1. Diversifying the Show Experience: The current owners recognized the importance of catering to a wider range of preferences and have introduced new elements to the Chippendales show. They have diversified the cast, featuring performers with varying backgrounds, body types, and dance styles, ensuring a more inclusive and captivating experience for audiences of all genders and orientations.

  2. Global Expansion: Through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, Chippendales has successfully expanded its reach beyond the United States. The current ownership has propelled the brand's international presence, establishing new performance venues, and captivating audiences in countries like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

  3. Brand Collaborations: Recognizing the value in collaborations, Chippendales has joined forces with notable brands and influencers to strengthen its brand positioning. By partnering with fashion designers, artists, and other entertainment companies, Chippendales has been able to create unique and compelling experiences that resonate with a broader audience.

  4. Digital Transformation: The current owners have embraced digital platforms as a means to connect with fans worldwide. Through engaging social media campaigns, live streaming events, and interactive online experiences, Chippendales has successfully expanded its digital footprint and fostered a sense of community among its followers.

  5. Commitment to Empowerment: One notable shift under the current ownership has been the emphasis on empowerment and social causes. Chippendales has actively supported various charitable initiatives, championing causes like body positivity, LGBTQ+ rights, and women's empowerment. This commitment to social responsibility has not only resonated with audiences but has also helped redefine the Chippendales brand as more than just entertainment.

The current ownership of Chippendales has spearheaded a new era for the iconic male entertainment brand. Through diversification, international expansion, and a commitment to empowerment, Chippendales continues to captivate audiences globally while staying true to its founding principles.

Investments and Expansions

Chippendales, the iconic male entertainment brand, has been in the spotlight for decades with its unique blend of dance, music, and athleticism. Over the years, the ownership and management of Chippendales have changed hands, leading to various investments and expansions that have shaped the brand's success and global reach.

Under its current ownership, Chippendales has continued to invest in its brand and expand its operations worldwide. Here is a closer look at some of their notable investments and expansions:

  1. Digital Presence and Online Services: Understanding the importance of digital marketing and online presence, Chippendales has made significant investments to enhance its digital footprint. The brand has revamped its website and embraced various social media platforms to engage with fans and attract a broader audience. Additionally, Chippendales offers online services, including virtual experiences, livestream shows, and personalized messages, catering to the changing preferences of its fans.

  2. International Tours and Shows: Chippendales has further expanded its global reach by organizing international tours and shows. The brand now tours in numerous countries, delivering electrifying performances to audiences worldwide. These international ventures have not only increased Chippendales' fan base but have also helped in establishing the brand as a prominent player in the entertainment industry.

  3. Brand Licensing and Merchandise: Recognizing the market potential, Chippendales has ventured into brand licensing and merchandise. The brand now offers a range of products, including apparel, accessories, and collectibles, allowing fans to showcase their support for the brand. By capitalizing on the popularity of the Chippendales brand, these licensing and merchandise endeavors have not only diversified the brand's offerings but have also contributed to its revenue stream.

  4. Partnerships and Collaborations: Chippendales has formed strategic partnerships and collaborations to further expand its presence and appeal. By teaming up with renowned brands, events, and celebrities, Chippendales has been able to tap into new markets and attract diverse audiences. These partnerships have provided opportunities for cross-promotion and have helped Chippendales stay relevant in a competitive entertainment industry.

  5. Venue Expansions: In addition to touring, Chippendales has expanded its presence by establishing permanent venues in selected cities. These dedicated spaces not only provide a stable platform for regular performances but also serve as destinations for private events and celebrations. By investing in venue expansions, Chippendales has strengthened its position as a go-to entertainment option for both locals and tourists.

Chippendales' investments and expansions have facilitated the brand's growth and ensured its continued success in the entertainment industry. By adapting to changing trends and catering to the preferences of its fans, Chippendales remains an influential force in the world of male entertainment.

Controversies Surrounding the Current Ownership

The current ownership of Chippendales has not been without controversy. Here, we take a closer look at some of the issues that have surrounded the ownership of the famous male entertainment brand.

  1. The Steve Banerjee Scandal: Chippendales' original owner, Steve Banerjee, faced legal troubles and a tragic ending. In 1994, Banerjee pleaded guilty to conspiring to have an individual murdered. This incident cast a dark shadow over the brand and led to a decline in its reputation.

  2. Frequent Ownership Changes: Chippendales has changed hands several times since Banerjee's ownership. Provide a table of ownership changes here, if available.

  3. Bankruptcy Filing: In 2001, Chippendales filed for bankruptcy due to financial difficulties. The situation was attributed to a combination of declining ticket sales and increased competition in the male entertainment industry.

  4. Sexual Harassment Allegations: Like many companies in the entertainment industry, Chippendales has faced allegations of sexual harassment from former employees. While the details of these cases vary, they have had a negative impact on the brand's image and reputation.

  5. Licensing Issues: Chippendales has dealt with legal battles surrounding its trademark. In the past, the brand has taken legal action against individuals and businesses that used its name without permission, highlighting the importance of protecting its intellectual property rights.

  6. Lawsuits from Former Dancers: Former dancers have filed lawsuits against Chippendales, claiming unfair treatment, wage disputes, and misclassification as independent contractors rather than employees. These legal battles have shed light on the working conditions within the company.

Despite these controversies, Chippendales remains a popular brand in the male entertainment industry. The current ownership continues to navigate these challenges while working to maintain the brand's reputation and attract audiences worldwide.

Note: The information provided is based on public records and media reports. The details of these controversies may vary based on different sources and perspectives.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Chippendales, the renowned male entertainment brand, has successfully formed numerous collaborations and partnerships over the years. These strategic alliances have helped to expand the brand's reach and create unique experiences for its audience.

Collaborations with Celebrities and Brands

Chippendales has collaborated with a range of celebrities and brands to create unforgettable shows and events. Some notable collaborations include:

  • Pamela Anderson: In 2008, Chippendales partnered with actress and model Pamela Anderson for a limited engagement at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The collaboration brought together Anderson's charm and Chippendales' iconic style to create a captivating performance.

  • Dancing with the Stars: Chippendales' involvement with ABC's hit show Dancing with the Stars resulted in exciting collaborations. Past Dancing with the Stars contestants have joined Chippendales as guest hosts or performers, bringing their talents to the stage alongside the Chippendales dancers.

  • Luxury Brands: Chippendales has also collaborated with luxury brands to create exclusive experiences. These partnerships have included collaborations with high-end fashion labels, such as Calvin Klein and Versace, bringing together the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

Global Expansion

Chippendales has successfully expanded its reach through partnerships that have allowed the brand to bring its unique brand of entertainment to audiences around the world. Key partnerships include:

  • International Tours: Chippendales has embarked on international tours, partnering with local entertainment companies to bring their shows to audiences in different countries. This has helped Chippendales establish a global presence and gain popularity outside of its home base.

  • Residencies in Major Cities: Chippendales has secured residencies in major cities around the world, partnering with renowned venues and resorts. These long-term partnerships have allowed Chippendales to establish a consistent presence in various destinations and cater to both locals and tourists.

Philanthropic Collaborations

Chippendales has also been involved in several philanthropic collaborations, using their platform to support charitable causes. Through partnerships with charitable organizations, Chippendales has raised funds and awareness for various causes, including cancer research and LGBTQ+ rights.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness: Chippendales has collaborated with breast cancer organizations, such as Susan G. Komen, to raise awareness and funds for research. The brand has organized special events and performances dedicated to supporting the fight against breast cancer.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Chippendales has partnered with LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations to promote acceptance and inclusivity. Through these collaborations, Chippendales has actively supported the LGBTQ+ community and used its platform to promote tolerance and unity.

These collaborations and partnerships have played a significant role in shaping the current ownership landscape of Chippendales. They have not only contributed to the brand's growth and success but have also allowed Chippendales to connect with a diverse range of audiences and causes internationally.

Success and Achievements

Since its inception in 1979, Chippendales has achieved tremendous success in the entertainment industry. The iconic male revue show has become a household name internationally, captivating audiences with its unique blend of dance, comedy, and sensuality. Under various ownerships over the years, Chippendales has managed to maintain its popularity and expand its reach globally.

Expansion and Global Presence

Chippendales has successfully expanded its presence beyond the United States and now has a truly global reach. The brand has established residencies and performed in numerous countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, among others. These international tours have enabled Chippendales to attract new audiences and diversify its fan base.

Celebrity Partnerships and Collaborations

The brand's success can also be attributed to its collaborations with high-profile celebrities. Over the years, Chippendales has featured guest hosts such as Tyson Beckford and Ian Ziering, who brought their own unique star power to the shows. These partnerships have helped strengthen Chippendales' appeal and attract a wider audience.

Diversity and Inclusivity

In recent years, Chippendales has made a conscious effort to embrace diversity and promote inclusivity. The show now features performers of different ethnicities and body types, catering to a wider range of preferences and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience. This commitment to inclusivity has been well-received by audiences and has contributed to Chippendales' ongoing success.

Expanded Global Presence Chippendales has toured internationally, with shows in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Celebrity Collaborations The brand has partnered with celebrities like Tyson Beckford and Ian Ziering, attracting a broader audience.
Commitment to Diversity Chippendales now showcases performers of different backgrounds and body types, promoting inclusivity.

Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Chippendales has consistently implemented effective marketing strategies to engage with fans and attract new customers. The company utilizes social media platforms to showcase behind-the-scenes content, interact with followers, and promote upcoming shows. By staying connected with their audience and adapting to changing marketing trends, Chippendales has maintained a strong and loyal fan base.

Continued Popularity

Despite having changed ownership throughout its history, Chippendales remains a highly sought-after entertainment brand. Its enduring popularity can be credited to its ability to evolve and adapt to changing times, while still delivering the dynamic and exhilarating performances that have made it a staple in the industry.

With its international tours, celebrity collaborations, commitment to diversity, engaging marketing campaigns, and continued popularity, Chippendales has proven to be a leading force in the entertainment world, captivating audiences across the globe.


In conclusion, Chippendales, the iconic male entertainment brand, has a long and complex ownership history. Once owned by Somen Banerjee and Steve Banerjee, the company changed hands multiple times before ending up under the ownership of a consortium led by Andrew Cao.

Here are the key takeaways from the current ownership of Chippendales:

  1. Andrew Cao's consortium: Chippendales is currently owned by a consortium led by Andrew Cao, a businessman with significant experience in the entertainment industry. The consortium members remain undisclosed.

  2. Business expansion: Under Andrew Cao's leadership, Chippendales has continued to expand its reach and brand presence globally. The company operates shows in various cities across the United States and has franchises in international markets.

  3. Adaptation to modern trends: Chippendales has been successful in adapting to changing times and catering to evolving audience preferences. The brand has diversified its offerings beyond live performances, including merchandise sales, reality television appearances, and collaborations with other entertainment entities.

  4. Maintaining the brand's essence: Despite changes in ownership, Chippendales has maintained its iconic identity as a provider of sensual male entertainment. The brand continues to attract a diverse audience, including women celebrating bachelorette parties, girls' nights out, and individuals seeking unique nightlife experiences.

While there may have been various owners in the past, Chippendales has remained a symbol of entertainment and enjoyment for its dedicated fan base. With Andrew Cao at the helm, the brand continues to evolve and thrive, ensuring that the Chippendales experience remains a memorable one for its audience.

Please note that ownership may change in the future, given the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry. It is advisable to refer to reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on Chippendales' ownership.

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