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Where Is Anna Delvey Now: The Latest Update on the Infamous Scammer

Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer who captivated the world with her web of deceit and high-profile scams, continues to generate headlines even from her confines behind bars. For those unfamiliar with her story, Anna Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, posed as a wealthy German heiress and conned her way into New York's elite social circles, racking up luxurious hotel stays, designer shopping sprees, and extravagant restaurant bills. However, her extravagant lifestyle was built on a foundation of fraudulent bank statements, falsified documents, and unpaid bills.

But where is Anna Delvey now? After being convicted of multiple charges, including grand larceny, theft of services, and attempted grand larceny, she is currently serving her sentence at the Albion Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Despite her imprisonment, Delvey's influence does not seem to wane, as her audacious scams and captivating story continue to fascinate the public.

In October 2019, Netflix released Inventing Anna, a series inspired by Anna Delvey's story, shedding further light on the details of her deception. The show, directed by Shonda Rhimes and starring Julia Garner, has reignited public interest in the case. Delvey's scams have also been the subject of numerous articles, podcasts, and investigative reports, ensuring that her name remains in the spotlight.## Anna Delvey's Background and Scam

Who is Anna Delvey?

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, rose to infamy in 2018 when her elaborate con artist lifestyle came crashing down. Born in Russia, Sorokin moved to Germany before later making her way to the United States. Presenting herself as a wealthy German heiress, she managed to infiltrate New York City's high society and became renowned for her extravagant lifestyle and connections within the art and fashion world.

The Scam

Operating under the name Anna Delvey, Sorokin deceived several individuals and businesses, successfully swindling her way into exclusive parties, upscale hotels, and luxury boutiques. She claimed to be the heir to a massive fortune, with plans to establish a multi-million dollar arts club and hotel in Manhattan.

Her scam involved securing loans from banks and persuading acquaintances to cover her various expenses, promising repayment at a later date. However, she would often default on these debts, leaving a trail of unpaid bills, unsettled invoices, and embittered associates in her wake.

The Unraveling

In 2017, the facade started to crumble when suspicions arose about Sorokin's true identity and financial stability. Journalists and investigators began digging into her background, exposing holes in her story and highlighting inconsistencies in her claims.

In 2019, Sorokin stood trial on multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services. During the highly publicized trial, evidence was presented revealing Sorokin's fraudulent schemes, including falsified bank records, manipulated financial statements, and a web of lies she spun to maintain her high society status.

The Aftermath

Ultimately, Anna Sorokin was found guilty on multiple charges and sentenced to 4-12 years in prison, along with restitution payments and fines. The trial and subsequent media attention brought forth discussions about privilege, social climbing, and the vulnerabilities of New York City's elite circles.

While serving her sentence, Sorokin has garnered significant media attention, with journalists and filmmakers captivated by her story. In 2021, a Netflix series titled Inventing Anna was released, loosely based on Sorokin's crimes and trial.

As of now, Anna Delvey remains behind bars, serving her time and contemplating the consequences of her elaborate scam.

Anna Delvey's Trial and Conviction

In 2019, Anna Delvey's high-profile trial captured the attention of the media and the public. The trial, held in New York, centered around the charges of grand larceny and theft by deception, as Delvey had allegedly scammed her way into the city's elite social scene by posing as a wealthy German heiress.

During the trial, which lasted for weeks, evidence was presented that shed light on Delvey's elaborate schemes and the luxury lifestyle she had portrayed. Prosecutors argued that she had convinced banks, hotels, and individuals to give her loans and services amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while lacking the funds to cover her expenses.

The case also highlighted Delvey's fraudulent behavior in attempting to secure a multimillion-dollar loan for a private arts club in Manhattan. It was revealed that she had forged financial documents and even tried to convince a former friend to act as a guarantor for the loan.

In April 2019, the jury found Anna Delvey guilty on multiple charges, including theft of services and grand larceny. Delvey was subsequently sentenced to a prison term of 4 to 12 years, coupled with restitution and fines. Additionally, her fake identity as an heiress and her fraudulent activities were widely reported across various media outlets.

Since her conviction, Anna Delvey has remained in the public eye, with ongoing interest in her story and her subsequent actions. While incarcerated, Delvey has been known to maintain a social media presence, offering glimpses into her life behind bars. She has also continued to make headlines for her interactions with journalists and a variety of legal issues she has faced.

Overall, Anna Delvey's trial and conviction exposed the intricacies of her fraudulent schemes, underscoring the consequences of manipulating others for personal gain. Her case served as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of trusting individuals solely based on their appearance and social status.

Trial Details
Notable Actions
Social Media Presence

The story of Anna Delvey continues to captivate audiences, highlighting the allure and dangers of a life built on deceit and illusion.

Anna Delvey's Prison Sentence

Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer who posed as a wealthy German heiress, faced legal consequences for her fraudulent activities. In May 2019, she was found guilty of multiple felony charges, including theft of services, grand larceny, and attempted grand larceny. Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, was sentenced to a term of 4 to 12 years in prison for her crimes.

During her trial, it was revealed that Delvey had successfully swindled numerous individuals, businesses, and luxury hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She portrayed herself as a well-connected socialite and art collector, deceiving her victims into fronting her extravagant lifestyle. Delvey's scam involved promising financial reimbursements that never materialized and using fake bank statements and false wire confirmations to maintain the facade of wealth.

Delvey's high-profile trial garnered significant media attention as the case exposed not only the extent of her deception but also highlighted the perils of unchecked privilege and the superficial nature of New York's socialite scene. The court's decision to impose a substantial prison sentence on Delvey served as a deterrent to potential fraudsters, sending a strong message that such actions would not be tolerated.

The precise details of Delvey's time in prison and her current whereabouts are not widely known. However, it can be assumed that Delvey, like any other inmate, is subject to the rules and regulations of the correctional system. Her prison sentence is intended to hold her accountable for her actions and provide an opportunity for rehabilitation.

Prison Sentence
Length of Sentence: 4 to 12 years
Charges: Felony theft, grand larceny, attempted grand larceny

While Anna Delvey's story captivated the public, it is important to remember the impact her actions had on the individuals and businesses she defrauded. The consequences she faced through the legal system demonstrate the accountability necessary to protect innocent victims and maintain the integrity of the financial and social systems.

Anna Delvey's Release and Current Location

After an extensive legal battle and media frenzy, Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer who posed as a wealthy German heiress, has been released from prison. Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, was convicted of multiple charges, including theft and grand larceny, for defrauding New York City's elite social circles and businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Following her trial, Delvey was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison in May 2019. However, she was released early on parole after serving approximately two-thirds of her sentence. Her release came as a surprise to many, given the high-profile nature of her case and the considerable media attention it garnered.

Since her release, there has been speculation about Delvey's current whereabouts. However, concrete information about her exact location remains limited. It is believed that she has chosen to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye following her release to avoid further scrutiny.

Despite her criminal past, Delvey has managed to maintain a certain level of infamy and intrigue. Her story has captivated the public, leading to numerous articles, documentaries, and even plans for a Netflix series based on her life.** The attention surrounding her case and subsequent release has sparked conversations about wealth, privilege, and the fine line between aspiration and deception in today's society.**

Delvey's scam involved convincing individuals and businesses that she had access to a vast fortune and could fund various projects and ventures. Her elaborate ruse involved staying at luxury hotels, dining at upscale restaurants, and hobnobbing with New York City's social elite. However, her web of lies eventually unraveled, leading to her arrest and subsequent trial.

While Delvey's release has generated substantial public interest, her current location remains undisclosed. It is unclear whether she plans to rebuild her life quietly or seek the limelight once again. For now, the enigmatic figure of Anna Delvey, the fake heiress who duped New York City's elite, continues to intrigue and fascinate the public.

Key Points:

  • Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer, has been released from prison on parole after serving approximately two-thirds of her sentence.
  • Concrete information about Delvey's current location is limited, as she has chosen to keep a low profile.
  • Her story has attracted significant media attention, leading to various adaptations and discussions about wealth, privilege, and deception in society.

Anna Delvey's Social Media Presence

Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer who duped New York's elite with her elaborate schemes, has had a notable presence on social media throughout her rise to infamy. Despite her current imprisonment, Anna Delvey's digital footprint remains a subject of interest for many seeking updates on her life. Here are some key points about Anna Delvey's social media presence:

  1. Instagram Account: Anna Delvey maintained an active Instagram account under the handle @annadelvy, where she shared glimpses into her glamorous lifestyle. In her posts, she showcased luxurious vacations, designer outfits, and socializing with A-list celebrities and influencers. The account garnered considerable attention before her legal troubles unfolded.

  2. Follower Count: At the peak of her popularity, Anna Delvey's Instagram account amassed a significant following, with thousands of users eager to catch a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle. However, following her arrest and subsequent media coverage, her account has been inactive, and her follower count has declined sharply.

  3. Current Status: Since her conviction and subsequent 2019 imprisonment for multiple counts of theft and grand larceny, Anna Delvey's social media presence has remained dormant. Her Instagram account is no longer active, and there have been no updates from her or anyone representing her.

  4. Public Interest: Even without an active social media presence, Anna Delvey's infamy continues to generate public interest. News outlets, social media platforms, and blogs often revisit her story, providing updates on her case and any potential developments in her life. This ongoing attention underscores the lasting impact of her deception on public consciousness.

  5. Legal Restrictions: While Anna Delvey's confinement limits her ability to engage with social media, it is worth noting that inmates in some correctional facilities may have limited access to social media or the internet in general. Therefore, it is unlikely that she can maintain an online presence or use social platforms actively.

Despite her absence from social media and the wider public sphere, Anna Delvey's story remains a cautionary tale and a subject of intrigue and fascination for those curious about her glamorous lifestyle and the fallout from her fraudulent activities.

Anna Delvey's Book Deal and Media Attention

Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer whose real name is Anna Sorokin, has continued to captivate the media and public's attention even after her arrest and conviction. The audacity and extravagance of her scams have made her a controversial figure, and her story has attracted widespread interest. As a result, Delvey has secured a book deal and received significant media attention.

Delvey's book deal came as no surprise to those following her case closely. In June 2019, it was announced that she had signed a deal with a major publishing house to write a memoir recounting her experiences as a con artist. The book was released in early 2021, shedding light on the intricate details of her elaborate schemes. Delvey's story, characterized by her attempts to build a glamorous lifestyle through deception and manipulation, has undoubtedly contributed to the book's appeal.

The media attention surrounding Delvey has been extensive. In the aftermath of her trial and subsequent imprisonment, numerous news outlets, documentaries, and podcasts have explored her story in depth. Delvey's charm, extravagant lifestyle, and audacious behavior have made her a subject of fascination for many. Her case has also sparked discussions about wealth, privilege, and the vulnerability of the art world to scams.

While Delvey's book and media coverage have undoubtedly added to the intrigue surrounding her, some have criticized the attention she continues to receive. Critics argue that it may romanticize her crimes or provide her with a platform to further exploit her notoriety. Nevertheless, her story has proven to be a compelling narrative for publishers and media outlets alike.

Here are some key points regarding Anna Delvey's book deal and media attention:

  • Anna Delvey signed a book deal with a major publishing house in June 2019.
  • Her memoir, released in early 2021, provides an in-depth account of her life as a con artist.
  • Delvey's story has been the subject of numerous news outlets, documentaries, and podcasts.
  • The media coverage has raised questions about wealth, privilege, and the vulnerability of the art world.
  • Some critics have expressed concerns about the potential glamorization or exploitation of Delvey's crimes.

In summary, Anna Delvey's book deal and the media attention surrounding her case have only served to heighten curiosity about her extraordinary scams. While her story continues to generate interest and scrutiny, the implications of her actions and the broader issues it raises remain subjects of debate.

Anna Delvey's Impact on the Art World

Since her arrest and subsequent media attention, Anna Delvey, the notorious scammer of New York's elite social scene, has left an indelible mark on the art world. Her rise and fall within art circles have sparked discussions about the intersection of wealth, privilege, and deception in the industry.

  1. Art Patron Claims: One of the significant impacts of Anna Delvey on the art world is her involvement with various art projects and aspirations to become an art patron. She ingratiated herself with influential figures, claiming to have access to vast financial resources. Delvey projected an image of affluence, funding lavish art events and even commissioned artworks.

  2. Reputation Damage: The exposure of Delvey's fraudulent activities has not only tarnished her reputation but also cast suspicion on those she interacted with within the art world. Artists and gallery owners who associated with Delvey faced scrutiny and had to address their involvement with her. The incident raised questions about the standards and due diligence within the art community.

  3. Media Attention: The captivating story of Anna Delvey's art world exploits captured the attention of the media, generating headlines and news coverage across various platforms. This attention highlighted the vulnerability of the art industry to financial fraud and manipulation, prompting further scrutiny of financial transactions and art acquisitions.

  4. Increased Scrutiny: Delvey's case prompted a closer examination of the financial mechanisms within the art world. Galleries and institutions now face increased pressure to verify the legitimacy of art patrons and donors. This heightened scrutiny has resulted in improved due diligence practices, ensuring a more transparent and accountable art market.

  5. Influence on Art Market Dynamics: The exposure of Delvey's fraudulent activities underscored the potential impact of wealthy individuals on art prices and market dynamics. By presenting herself as a person of substantial means, Delvey manipulated prices and influenced the perception of an artwork's value. This serves as a reminder that the art market is susceptible to manipulation and inflated prices.

  6. Art as a Reflection of Society: Delvey's involvement in the art world and subsequent downfall shed light on broader societal issues. Her case highlighted the obsession with wealth and the desire for validation within the art community. It prompted discussions about the influence of money and power on artistic production, curation, and consumption.

  7. Cautionary Tale: Anna Delvey's story serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring artists, patrons, and professionals in the art world. It reminds individuals to thoroughly vet the credibility of their associates and to approach financial transactions with discernment and care. Delvey's case emphasizes the importance of ethical practices and transparency in the art industry.

Anna Delvey's impact on the art world has been far-reaching, shedding light on the vulnerabilities and complexities present within the industry. Her fraudulent activities and subsequent media attention have prompted discussions, reforms, and a reevaluation of the financial mechanisms and power dynamics within the art world.

Anna Delvey's Future Plans and Career Prospects

Anna Delvey, the infamous scammer who gained notoriety for her fraudulent lifestyle in New York City, has recently made headlines again due to her future plans and career prospects. Despite her legal troubles and imprisonment, Delvey remains determined to rebuild her life and explore new avenues.

  1. Entrepreneurial Aspirations: Anna Delvey's time spent in prison seems to have ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. She has been actively working on establishing a foundation that aims to support emerging artists and creatives. This venture reflects her continued interest in the art world, which she had previously claimed as her passion. Delvey's involvement in philanthropy and culture demonstrates her desire for personal growth and the ability to make a positive impact.

  2. Book and TV Deals: Since her highly publicized trial, multiple media outlets have expressed interest in telling Anna Delvey's story through books, television series, and documentaries. It is reported that advances for the publication of her memoir alone exceeded six figures. Delvey's intriguing tale of deception and extravagant lifestyle has captivated the public's attention, making her a sought-after subject for various forms of media.

  3. Extended Detainment: Despite her ambitions, Anna Delvey's future plans have been temporarily put on hold due to her prolonged detainment. As of now, she remains in prison, serving her sentence for multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft. The exact duration of her incarceration is dependent on various factors, including her behavior and potential appeals.

  4. Immigration and Deportation: Anna Delvey, who is originally from Russia, may face additional complications in her future plans due to her immigration status. While it is unclear whether there will be any significant consequences in this regard, the possibility of deportation looms over her future prospects, potentially limiting her access to certain opportunities.

  5. Public Perception and Rebranding: Anna Delvey's notoriety as a scammer has undoubtedly impacted her public reputation. However, some argue that her story and subsequent media attention could eventually lead to a rebranding effort, allowing her to rebuild her image as a cautionary tale or a symbol of personal growth and redemption. It remains to be seen whether the public will be receptive to such a narrative shift.

Despite her legal challenges and uncertain future, Anna Delvey appears determined to write a new chapter in her life. Her entrepreneurial aspirations, potential media deals, extended detainment, immigration concerns, and the possibility of rebranding are all crucial factors that will shape her future plans and career prospects. Only time will tell what path Anna Delvey's life will ultimately take once she completes her sentence and faces the challenges that lie ahead.

Topic Details
Anna Delvey's Future Ventures - Establishing a foundation to support artists and creatives.- Involvement in philanthropy and culture.
Media Interest in Her Story - Deals for memoir, television series, and documentaries.- Advances for publication exceeding six figures.
Current Detainment - Anna Delvey remains in prison, serving her sentence for multiple charges.- Duration of incarceration dependent on factors such as behavior and potential appeals.
Immigration Challenges - Potential complications due to her immigration status.- Possibility of deportation.
Public Perception and Rebranding - Impact of her notoriety and potential for rebranding.- Possible opportunities for personal growth and redemption.

Anna Delvey's Victims and Restitution

Numerous individuals and businesses became victims of Anna Delvey's elaborate scam, leading to financial losses and damaged reputations. Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, posed as a wealthy German heiress and defrauded her victims out of significant sums of money. Despite her conviction on multiple charges, the process of restitution has been complex and ongoing.

  1. Hotels and luxury establishments: One of Delvey's main targets were high-end hotels and private clubs in New York City. She racked up huge bills by pretending to be a wealthy socialite, skipping out on payments and leaving her victims to foot the bill. The financial impact on these businesses was substantial, leading to a heightened sense of caution when dealing with potential clients.

  2. Friends and acquaintances: Delvey's con extended beyond business transactions. She manipulated the trust of friends and acquaintances, borrowing money under false pretenses and making promises she couldn't keep. Some individuals found themselves not only betrayed but also facing significant financial losses.

  3. Artists and creatives: As part of her scheme, Delvey claimed to be an art patron interested in investing in the New York art scene. She negotiated deals with artists, photographers, and designers, bringing them on board for various projects. However, many of these individuals didn't receive payment for their work and were left struggling to recover their losses.

  4. Personal assistants and service providers: Delvey relied on a network of personal assistants and service providers to help carry out her schemes. These individuals, often unpaid or paid insufficiently, were promised lucrative positions and connections in return for their loyalty. Some ended up embroiled in legal proceedings and faced their own financial hardships.

The restitution process for Anna Delvey's victims has been inherently complex, involving legal proceedings, negotiations, and ongoing efforts to recoup financial losses. While some victims have successfully obtained restitution, others continue to navigate the legal system in hopes of finding justice.

Category Impact
Hotels and luxury establishments Significant financial losses
Friends and acquaintances Betrayal and financial hardships
Artists and creatives Unpaid work and subsequent struggles
Personal assistants and service providers Lack of payment and potential legal consequences

It is important to note that restitution in cases like these can be challenging due to the nature of the scams and the complexity of the legal process. Each victim's case is unique and requires individual attention.

As the legal proceedings connected to Anna Delvey's crimes continue, victims seek justice and strive to rebuild their lives while recovering from the financial and emotional damage caused by her elaborate web of deceit.


As of now, Anna Delvey remains a controversial figure in the world of scamming and fraud. Despite her highly publicized trial and subsequent conviction, little is known about her current whereabouts and activities. While some may be curious to find out where she is and what she is up to, it is important to remember that she is a convicted scammer and her actions should not be glorified or encouraged.

  1. Anna Delvey's Conviction: In May 2019, Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, was convicted of multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services. She was found guilty of scamming banks, hotels, and friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her elaborate ruse involved convincing people that she was a wealthy German heiress, allowing her to live a luxurious lifestyle she couldn't afford.

  2. Prison Term and Release: Following her conviction, Anna Delvey was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. However, in February 2021, she was released early for good behavior. It is important to note that her early release does not diminish the severity of her crimes.

  3. Deportation: In addition to her prison sentence, Anna Delvey, a Russian citizen, faced the possibility of deportation due to her criminal activities. However, it is unclear whether she has been deported or if she remains in the United States. The complicated nature of immigration law makes it difficult to determine her current status.

  4. Media Attention: Anna Delvey's story captured significant media attention, with numerous articles, books, and even a Netflix series documenting her scamming endeavors. While her story may be intriguing, it is essential to approach it with a critical eye and skepticism, as there are ethical considerations involved in profiting from a criminal's actions.

  5. Cautionary Tale: The Anna Delvey saga serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of trust and the allure of the glamorous lifestyle. It highlights the importance of conducting thorough due diligence, verifying identities, and maintaining skepticism, especially in the world of high-profile individuals and extravagant promises.

In conclusion, while the public may be curious about Anna Delvey's present situation, it is crucial to recognize the consequences of her actions and approach her story with an understanding of the impact it has had on the lives of those she defrauded.

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