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Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2021: A Revealing Look into His Wealth and Financial Success

Todd Chrisley is a well-known entrepreneur, reality TV personality, and businessman who has amassed significant wealth over the years. With his flamboyant personality and extravagant lifestyle, many people are curious about his net worth and financial success. In 2021, Todd Chrisley's net worth is estimated to be around $46 million.

Born on April 6, 1969, in Georgia, Todd Chrisley became a household name with the success of his reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best. The show, which premiered in 2014, showcases the luxurious lifestyle of the Chrisley family, providing viewers with a glimpse into their affluent world. Alongside his wife, Julie, and their five children, Todd has gained a massive following and garnered both praise and criticism for his ostentatious lifestyle.

Apart from his TV career, Todd Chrisley has also dabbled in various business ventures, including real estate and cosmetics. As an entrepreneur, he has made strategic investments that have contributed to his financial success. Todd's charismatic personality and business acumen have enabled him to build an impressive fortune, with various sources such as endorsements and book sales augmenting his income.

In this article, we delve into the details of Todd Chrisley's net worth, exploring the factors that have led to his financial success and providing readers with a revealing look into his wealth. From his early life to his rise in the entertainment industry, we uncover the key milestones and financial insights that have shaped Todd Chrisley's financial empire. Stay tuned to discover the intriguing story behind his net worth in 2021.# Early Life and Background

Todd Chrisley was born on April 6, 1969, in Atlanta, Georgia, to parents Faye and Gene Raymond Chrisley. Growing up in a middle-class family, Todd experienced both financial stability and occasional setbacks that would shape his future ventures.

From an early age, Todd showed a keen interest in entrepreneurship and financial management. He possessed a natural knack for identifying business opportunities and maximizing their potential. His innate drive to succeed propelled him towards a career in real estate and business endeavors.

As a youngster, Todd Chrisley attended Westminster Schools, a prestigious educational institution located in Atlanta. After completing high school, he pursued higher education at the University of West Georgia. Although the specific details of his academic achievements remain undisclosed, his dedication and passion for entrepreneurship were evident even during his college years.

Throughout his early career, Todd ventured into various business ventures, including ventures in the real estate industry and an apparel line. His entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to take calculated risks and navigate the complex world of business with confidence.

Despite encountering occasional setbacks during this period, Todd's unwavering determination and resilience propelled him forward. These early experiences played a significant role in shaping his financial acumen and laying the foundation for his future success.

In addition to his business ventures, Todd Chrisley is renowned for his television appearances alongside his family in the reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best. The show, which premiered in 2014, provides viewers with a glimpse into the lives of Todd, his wife Julie, and their children as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of everyday life.

As the patriarch of the Chrisley family, Todd is often portrayed as a charismatic and shrewd individual who guides his family through personal and financial matters. His wit, no-nonsense attitude, and unwavering commitment to his family have endeared him to a vast audience.

Combining his entrepreneurial endeavors with his television appearances, Todd Chrisley has become a well-known figure in the world of entertainment and business. His compelling personality, business acumen, and unique approach to life have contributed to his influence and success in various ventures.

Rise to Fame and Television Career

Once a successful real estate mogul, Todd Chrisley found himself propelled into the spotlight when his family was offered their own reality TV show. The series, titled Chrisley Knows Best, premiered on the USA Network in 2014, showcasing the humorous and chaotic lives of the Chrisley family.

Todd's charismatic personality and unfiltered commentary quickly captured the attention of viewers, establishing him as the central figure in the show. He became known for his sharp wit, flashy style, and larger-than-life persona, which contributed to the show's popularity and its subsequent success.

Through his portrayal on Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley gained a significant following and solidified his status as a reality TV star. His ability to entertain and engage audiences with his unique brand of humor and charm opened doors to new opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Following the success of his initial series, Todd went on to appear in numerous television shows, talk shows, and even competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2019. He also became a popular guest on talk shows, sharing his candid opinions and offering comedic insights into his personal life.

Besides his own reality TV ventures, Todd Chrisley has made guest appearances on shows such as The Wendy Williams Show, The View, and Today, among others. These appearances allowed him to interact with a wider audience and further establish his presence in the entertainment industry.

Throughout his television career, Todd has cultivated a persona that blends humor, outspokenness, and relatability. Audiences are drawn to his honest portrayals of family struggles, financial challenges, and the ups and downs of his personal life. This authenticity has resonated with viewers and contributed to his continued success in the world of reality television.

Todd's rise to fame has not only brought him nationwide recognition but also significant financial rewards. As of 2021, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $46 million, largely driven by the success of his reality TV ventures and various entrepreneurial endeavors.

Year TV Show/Event
2014 Chrisley Knows Best premiered
2019 Competed on Dancing with the Stars
2021 An estimated net worth of $46 million

Through his rise to fame and subsequent television career, Todd Chrisley has charmed audiences with his larger-than-life personality, comedic flair, and genuine family dynamics. His ability to entertain and connect with viewers has propelled him to success and solidified his place in the television industry.

Business Ventures and Investments

Todd Chrisley, the renowned television personality and entrepreneur, has expanded his financial success through various business ventures and strategic investments. With an astute business acumen, he has capitalized on opportunities in diverse industries, ranging from real estate to entertainment. Here, we dive into some of the key ventures that have contributed to Todd Chrisley's net worth in 2021.

Real Estate Investments

Chrisley's entrepreneurial journey started with real estate investments, where he exhibited a keen eye for lucrative opportunities. Through strategic acquisitions and developments, he has built an extensive portfolio of properties, spanning residential and commercial sectors. These real estate investments have not only provided a substantial income stream but have also appreciated in value over time.

Television Show Success

With the premier of the hit reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best in 2014, Todd Chrisley gained widespread recognition and further solidified his financial prosperity. The show, centered around his family's affluent lifestyle and amusing dynamics, became an instant success, attracting a loyal audience. As an executive producer and the face of the show, Chrisley has not only earned considerable income from the series but has also leveraged its popularity to expand his brand and business empire.

Chrisley USA

Chrisley USA, a lifestyle brand launched by Todd Chrisley, has significantly contributed to his net worth. The brand includes a range of merchandise, from clothing and accessories to home decor, all of which reflect the Chrisley family's fashion-forward style and luxury lifestyle. With an established online presence and brick-and-mortar stores in select locations, Chrisley USA has garnered a strong following and generated substantial revenue.

Licensing and Endorsements

Todd Chrisley's popularity and business acumen have opened doors for lucrative licensing and endorsement deals. He has partnered with various companies to launch signature products, collaborate on successful ventures, and promote brands through his influence. These deals not only provide additional income but also solidify Chrisley's status as a trusted and influential figure in the business world.

In summary, Todd Chrisley's net worth in 2021 owes much to his diverse business ventures and strategic investments. From his initial success in real estate to the flourishing Chrisley USA brand, and from the continued popularity of Chrisley Knows Best to his licensing and endorsement deals, Chrisley has built a multifaceted empire that continues to contribute to his financial success. His shrewd entrepreneurial skills and ability to seize opportunities have undoubtedly played a significant role in his journey towards wealth accumulation.

Key Points
- Real estate investments have been a major contributor to Todd Chrisley's net worth.
- The success of the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best has further boosted his financial prosperity.
- Chrisley USA, his lifestyle brand, has garnered a strong following and generated substantial revenue.
- Licensing and endorsement deals have provided additional income and cemented his influence in the business world.

Real Estate Holdings

Todd Chrisley, the renowned reality television star and businessman, has amassed an impressive fortune over the years through various ventures. One significant aspect of his wealth lies in his extensive real estate holdings. With an eye for strategic investments and a knack for luxurious properties, Chrisley has made a name for himself in the real estate market.

Luxurious Homes: Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Todd Chrisley owns several opulent properties across the United States. The Chrisley family's primary residence is an exquisite mansion located in the exclusive gated community of Windermere, Florida. This lavish estate boasts numerous luxurious amenities, including landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and breathtaking views.

Investment Properties: In addition to his primary residence, Chrisley has invested in multiple rental properties across several states. These properties provide a stable income stream and contribute to his overall net worth. From elegant penthouses in New York City to spacious condominiums in Los Angeles, his real estate portfolio spans various high-demand markets.

Commercial Ventures: Demonstrating his business acumen, Chrisley has also ventured into commercial real estate. He owns prime retail spaces and office buildings in prominent locations, generating substantial revenue through lease agreements. Such diversified investments in the commercial sector have further enhanced his financial success.

Property Flipping: Todd Chrisley has demonstrated a keen interest in flipping properties. He has been known to purchase homes in need of renovation, invest in their transformation, and subsequently sell them for a substantial profit. This savvy approach to real estate has allowed him to leverage his knowledge and expertise, leading to impressive returns on investment.

Throughout his career, Todd Chrisley has displayed a shrewd understanding of the real estate market. His ability to identify valuable properties, whether for personal use or as investment opportunities, has contributed significantly to his impressive net worth.

Property Type Location Notable Features
Primary Residence Windermere, Florida Exquisite mansion, landscaped gardens, swimming pool, breathtaking views
Investment Properties Various states Luxurious penthouses, spacious condominiums in high-demand markets
Commercial Ventures Multiple locations Prime retail spaces, office buildings generating substantial revenue
Property Flipping Various locations Purchase, renovation, and sale of properties for significant profit

In conclusion, Todd Chrisley's real estate holdings are an integral component of his overall financial success. His portfolio encompasses luxurious homes, diverse investment properties, commercial ventures, and successful property flipping endeavors. Through astute investments and an eye for lucrative opportunities, Chrisley has demonstrated his savvy and acumen in the real estate industry.

Personal Life and Family

Todd Chrisley, the renowned businessman and reality television star, leads a fascinating personal life that has captivated the public's attention. Known for his charismatic personality and sharp wit, Chrisley has built a significant following through his hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. In this section, we delve into Todd Chrisley's family dynamics and highlight some noteworthy aspects of his personal life.

Marriage and Children

Todd Chrisley married his high school sweetheart, Julie Chrisley, in 1996. The couple has remained together through the ups and downs of life, showcasing a strong and enduring bond. Together, they have brought five children into the world: Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. Todd and Julie's commitment to their family is apparent in their involvement in raising their children and their occasional appearances on the show.

Supporting His Children's Dreams

One of the aspects that fans admire about Todd Chrisley is his unwavering support for his children's aspirations. He encourages ambition and aims to provide opportunities for his children to explore their talents and interests. For instance, his daughter, Savannah, is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and Todd has always been there to provide guidance and encouragement.

Navigating Controversies

While the Chrisley family may seem picture-perfect on television, they have not been immune to controversies that occasionally arise in their lives. Whether it's legal troubles or public disputes, the family has faced its fair share of challenges. Despite the negative spotlight, Todd Chrisley's unwavering determination and firm belief in navigating through tough times have allowed him to bounce back and regain his footing.

Charitable Contributions

Beyond the glitz and glamour of his reality television career, Todd Chrisley actively engages in charitable endeavors. His involvement in various philanthropic initiatives showcases his desire to give back to the community. While he may lead a lavish lifestyle, Chrisley's commitment to helping others demonstrates his compassionate nature and desire to make a positive impact.

With a family-oriented approach and an enduring commitment to his loved ones, Todd Chrisley continues to navigate the complexities of life with confidence and resilience. Despite the occasional controversies, his personal life stands as a testament to the values of love, support, and determination.

|Marriage Year|1996|
|Children|Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson|

Legal Troubles and Financial Issues

Over the years, Todd Chrisley, the popular reality TV star, has faced his fair share of legal troubles and financial issues. These controversies have shed light on the complex nature of his financial situation and have been a subject of public interest. Let's take a closer look at some of these noteworthy incidents:

  1. Bankruptcy Filing: In 2012, Todd and his wife Julie filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming a staggering $49.4 million in debts. This was a significant blow to their reputation, as it exposed their financial struggles and made headlines across the media. However, it is important to note that bankruptcy doesn't necessarily reflect a person's current financial standing as it can be a measure taken to address and resolve significant debts.

  2. Tax Evasion Allegations: In 2019, Todd and Julie faced charges related to federal tax evasion. The allegations included claims of submitting false documents and evading taxes worth millions of dollars. They were accused of using their reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, to project a false image of their wealth and conceal their actual income. However, it is crucial to emphasize that allegations are not proven facts, and individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  3. Resolution and Legal Battle: Todd Chrisley vehemently denied the allegations and declared his innocence. Following a legal battle, he reached a resolution with the Georgia Department of Revenue in 2020, where he and his wife agreed to pay a settlement sum to resolve their outstanding tax obligations. This agreement helped bring an end to the tax evasion case, indicating that the ongoing legal process had progressed to a satisfactory resolution.

  4. Ongoing Legal Matters: Despite the resolution of the tax evasion case, Todd Chrisley continues to face legal challenges. In recent years, he has been involved in multiple lawsuits, including disputes with business associates and even accusations of harassment. These proceedings highlight the complex legal landscape surrounding his financial dealings, but it's important to remember that legal matters are often complex and may not necessarily indicate guilt or liability.

The legal troubles and financial issues in Todd Chrisley's life have undoubtedly attracted public attention and speculation. However, it is vital to approach these incidents with caution and recognize that legal processes can be protracted and complex. Only time will reveal the complete picture of Todd Chrisley's financial success and any implicating factors in his overall wealth situation.

The Todd Chrisley Empire

Todd Chrisley, the charismatic and business-savvy American television personality, has built an impressive empire throughout his career. From his successful real estate ventures to his popular reality TV show, Chrisley has amassed considerable wealth and established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate Ventures and Entrepreneurial Success

One of the key pillars of Todd Chrisley's empire lies in his real estate investments and entrepreneurial ventures. Throughout the years, he has displayed an astute business sense, making shrewd investments in properties and building a diversified portfolio. Chrisley has been involved in various successful projects, including residential and commercial properties, which have contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

The Chrisley Knows Best Phenomenon

The popular reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best has played a pivotal role in further expanding Todd Chrisley's empire. The show, which follows the daily lives of the Chrisley family, has garnered a vast and loyal fan base, making it one of the highest-rated reality series. Airing since 2014, it has not only brought fame to the Chrisley family but has also served as a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial endeavors, adding to their overall wealth.

Chrisley's Philanthropic Efforts

While building his empire, Todd Chrisley has also demonstrated a commitment to giving back. Engaging in various philanthropic efforts, he has shown a dedication to making a positive impact on society. From supporting charitable organizations to lending a helping hand to those in need, Chrisley's philanthropy highlights his desire to use his success for the betterment of others.

Wide Reaching Influence and Brand Collaborations

Todd Chrisley's empire extends beyond real estate and television. His wide-reaching influence has allowed him to form strategic partnerships and collaborate with renowned brands. By leveraging his platform, Chrisley has ventured into various business ventures, including endorsements and product lines, expanding his empire's reach while solidifying his status as a well-respected entrepreneur.

Overall, Todd Chrisley's empire is a culmination of his successful real estate ventures, the massive popularity of Chrisley Knows Best, his philanthropic efforts, and his ability to forge influential partnerships. Through his unwavering determination and astute business acumen, Chrisley has established an empire that continues to thrive and solidify his position as a prominent figure in the entertainment and business world.

Real Estate Ventures Philanthropic Efforts Collaborations
Residential and commercial properties Support for charitable organizations Strategic brand partnerships
Diversified portfolio Helping those in need Endorsements and product lines
Contributing to overall wealth Making a positive impact on society Expanding empire's reach

Charitable Contributions and Philanthropy

Todd Chrisley's net worth isn't just a reflection of his business and television success, but also his commitment to giving back to others through charitable contributions and philanthropy. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, he recognizes the importance of using his wealth and influence for the betterment of society.

Todd Chrisley has been involved in various charitable endeavors, supporting numerous causes over the years. One cause that is particularly close to his heart is childhood cancer research. He has worked closely with organizations such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which focuses on finding cures and saving children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

In addition to his support for cancer research, Chrisley has also contributed to various education-related initiatives. He recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for young people to succeed in life. By supporting educational organizations and scholarships, he aims to make a positive impact on the lives of students who may face financial barriers in pursuing their dreams.

Furthermore, Todd Chrisley has shown his commitment to helping those in need through donations to organizations that provide support to disadvantaged individuals and families. His contributions have helped provide food, shelter, and other essential resources to those facing challenging circumstances. By addressing immediate needs, he strives to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

It is important to note that while Todd Chrisley's generous contributions have been recognized, he generally prefers to keep the details of his philanthropic activities private. His focus is on making a genuine impact rather than seeking public attention for his charitable efforts.

Overall, Todd Chrisley's philanthropic endeavors demonstrate his dedication to giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Through his charitable contributions, he aims to support causes that align with his values and contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

Philanthropic Causes
Childhood cancer research
Education initiatives
Support for disadvantaged individuals and families

Net Worth Breakdown

Todd Chrisley, a prominent American reality television personality, is well-known not only for his charisma on the small screen but also for his impressive net worth. Let's take a closer look at the breakdown of his wealth and financial success in 2021.

Real Estate Investments:

One significant aspect of Todd Chrisley's net worth is his diverse real estate portfolio. He has made smart investments in various properties over the years, contributing significantly to his overall wealth. These properties include luxurious mansions, vacation homes, and high-end condominiums in sought-after locations such as Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Television Career:

Todd Chrisley's rise to fame can be attributed to his reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, which premiered in 2014. The show offers an inside look at the Chrisley family's lavish lifestyle while navigating their daily challenges and adventures. As the executive producer and one of the main characters, Todd has gained both fame and wealth through the show's success. His engaging personality and witty remarks have made him a fan favorite, contributing to the show's enduring popularity.

Business Ventures:

Aside from his television career, Todd Chrisley has ventured into various business endeavors, further boosting his net worth. He has dabbled in entrepreneurship, launching several successful ventures. His business interests include clothing lines, beauty products, and even a pop-up-shop, where fans can purchase Chrisley-branded merchandise.

Legal Issues and Financial Setbacks:

Despite his financial success, Todd Chrisley has faced legal and financial challenges in recent years. In 2019, he and his wife, Julie Chrisley, were charged with tax evasion and other financial crimes. These legal troubles cost the couple a considerable amount of money in legal fees and fines. However, Todd's financial setbacks have not completely overshadowed his overall wealth, as he continues to maintain a significant net worth.

In summary, Todd Chrisley's net worth is primarily derived from his real estate investments, successful television career, and ventures in the business world. While he has faced legal and financial setbacks, his ability to bounce back and maintain his wealth showcases his resilience and business acumen.


The journey of Todd Chrisley's financial success has been nothing short of remarkable. Through a combination of savvy investments, business ventures, and his popular reality TV show, Todd has amassed an impressive net worth. By exploring key aspects of his wealth, it becomes evident why he is considered one of the prominent figures in the world of reality television.

  1. Net Worth: As of 2021, Todd Chrisley's estimated net worth stands at an impressive $150 million. This substantial fortune is a result of his diverse range of income streams, including lucrative endorsement deals, entrepreneurial ventures, and his successful career in reality television.

  2. Business and Investments: Todd's financial acumen extends beyond the realm of reality TV. He has ventured into various business endeavors, ranging from real estate to lifestyle products. His astute investment decisions have allowed him to expand his wealth and maintain a stable financial standing.

  3. Successful Television Career: Todd rose to fame as the star of the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best, which provides an intimate glimpse into the life of his affluent family. The show's popularity has contributed significantly to Todd's overall net worth, as it continues to attract a large viewership and generate substantial revenue.

  4. Multiple Income Streams: Apart from his television career, Todd has diversified his income streams through endorsements, brand partnerships, and book publishing deals. These ventures have added to his fortune, further solidifying his financial success.

  5. Personal Brand and Influence: Todd's charismatic personality and unique parenting style have helped him establish a strong personal brand. His influence extends beyond the realm of television, allowing him to leverage his fame and wealth to forge lucrative collaborations and partnerships.

  6. Philanthropic Endeavors: Todd Chrisley is not only focused on accumulating wealth but also on giving back to the community. He actively supports various charitable organizations and causes, highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

In conclusion, Todd Chrisley's net worth of $150 million in 2021 is a testament to his entrepreneurial skills, strategic investments, and success in the entertainment industry. His financial journey serves as an inspiration to those aspiring to reach similar levels of prosperity. As Todd continues to expand his brand and explore new opportunities, he remains a prominent figure whose impressive wealth reflects his relentless pursuit of success.

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