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How to Add Music to IG Story: Easy Steps to Enhance Your Stories

Adding music to Instagram Stories is a great way to enhance your content and engage your audience. With the help of a few simple steps, you can easily create captivating stories that stand out from the crowd. This article will guide you through the process and ensure you're able to add music seamlessly to your IG Stories.

One of the simplest ways to add music to your Instagram Stories is by using the built-in music feature offered by Instagram itself. This feature allows you to select from a wide range of popular songs and add them directly to your story. By choosing the right song, you can set the tone and mood of your story, making it more attractive to your followers.

Another method to add music to your IG Stories is by utilizing third-party apps or websites. These apps or websites provide you with a wider selection of music that you can use in your stories. Whether you're searching for a specific song or want to explore different genres, these platforms offer you the flexibility to find the perfect soundtrack for your content.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you'll be able to add music effortlessly to your Instagram Stories, transforming them into engaging and memorable experiences for your audience. So, let's dive in and discover how to elevate your IG Stories with the power of music.## Preparing the Music

Before adding music to your Instagram Story, it's important to prepare the music files in the right format. Here are some easy steps to help you get your music ready for enhancing your stories:

1. Choose the Right Music

Selecting the perfect music will greatly enhance the impact of your Instagram Stories. Consider the mood, theme, and purpose of your story to determine the most suitable music. Whether it's a catchy pop tune, an instrumental background track, or a sound effect, make sure it fits the context of your story and resonates with your audience.

2. Ensure the Music is Royalty-Free or Licensed

To avoid any copyright issues or violations, it's essential to use royalty-free music or obtain the necessary licenses for copyrighted tracks. There are numerous websites and platforms that offer royalty-free music specifically designed for use in social media content. Some popular options include Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and Soundstripe.

3. Convert the Music File to the Recommended Format

Instagram supports various audio file formats, including MP3, AAC, and WAV. However, it's recommended to use the MP3 format due to its compatibility and smaller file size. If your music is not in MP3 format, convert it using a reliable audio conversion tool. Ensure the audio quality is maintained during the conversion process.

4. Trim the Music, if Necessary

To make your Instagram Story more engaging and cohesive, you might want to trim the music to the desired length. Instagram Stories can accommodate up to 15 seconds of audio, so consider selecting the most impactful section of the music that complements your visuals and keeps the story concise.

5. Organize Your Music Library

If you plan on regularly adding music to your Instagram Stories, it's helpful to organize your music library. Create folders or playlists to categorize your music based on genre, mood, or any other criteria that will simplify and expedite the music selection process in the future.

By following these simple steps to prepare your music, you'll be well-equipped to add captivating soundtracks to your Instagram Stories. Remember, choosing the right music and abiding by copyright regulations are vital for creating engaging and legally compliant content.

Using the Instagram Music Library

The Instagram Music Library is a powerful tool that allows users to add music to their IG stories, enhancing the overall experience for viewers. In this section, we will explore the simple steps to access and integrate music from the Instagram Music Library into your stories.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

To begin, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your account.

Step 2: Create a new story

Tap on the + icon at the top left corner of the screen or swipe right from your feed to create a new story.

Step 3: Access the music library

Within the story creation interface, you will see various options at the bottom of the screen. Look for the Music sticker icon among these options and tap on it.

Step 4: Browse the music library

Upon tapping the music sticker icon, you will be directed to the Instagram Music Library. Here, you can search for specific songs, explore popular tracks, or discover music based on different moods or genres.

Step 5: Choose a song

Once you have found a song you want to add to your story, select it by tapping on it. This will enable you to preview the song and see options to customize how it will be displayed in your story.

Step 6: Customize the music display

After selecting a song, you can choose a specific part of the song to play in your story, adjust the duration, and add lyrics by tapping on the respective options provided. This allows you to create a more personalized and engaging music experience for your viewers.

Step 7: Share your story

Once you are satisfied with the song selection and customization, tap the Done button to add the music to your story. You can then proceed to share your story with your followers or specific individuals.

Using the Instagram Music Library is a convenient way to elevate your IG stories and captivate your audience with the perfect soundtrack. Take advantage of this extensive music library and let your creativity shine through dynamic and engaging stories.

Note: The availability of the Instagram Music Library may vary depending on your location, as it is continuously expanding to different regions.

Linking a Music Streaming Service

Adding music to your Instagram stories can greatly enhance the overall experience and make them more engaging for your followers. One of the easiest ways to add music to your IG story is by linking a music streaming service. This allows you to choose from a vast library of songs and tracks that perfectly complement your story content. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Update and Open Instagram: Ensure that you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device. Open the app and log in to your account.

  2. Access the Story Feature: Tap on the camera icon located at the top left corner of the app or swipe right from your Instagram feed to access the story feature.

  3. Capture or Select a Photo/Video: Before adding music, you need to capture a photo or video, or select one from your camera roll. Tap the shutter button to take a photo, hold it for a video, or swipe up to access your camera roll and choose an existing one.

  4. Add Music: Once you have your photo or video ready, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the music library. Here, you will find a wide range of options, including popular songs, trending tracks, and genre-specific playlists.

  5. Link a Music Streaming Service: If you want to have access to your own music library or a particular streaming service, you can link it to your Instagram account. To do this, tap on the Music sticker, scroll to the end of the music library, and select More Music. From there, choose the streaming service you want to link, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

  6. Allow Access: Instagram will prompt you to allow access to the music streaming service. Tap on OK or Allow to grant permission.

  7. Choose and Add Music: Once the streaming service is linked, you can search for specific songs, playlists, or albums to add to your IG story. Type the name of the song or browse through the available options. Once you find the desired track, tap on it to preview it, and then select Done to add it to your story.

By linking a music streaming service to your Instagram account, you unlock a vast world of music that can take your stories to the next level. Experiment with different genres, popular hits, and personal favorites to create engaging and memorable content for your followers.

Adding Music to Your IG Story

Adding music to your Instagram (IG) Story can elevate the overall experience and make your stories more engaging and entertaining. With a few simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate your favorite tunes into your IG Stories. Here's how:

  1. Open the Instagram app: Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and ensure that you are logged into your account.

  2. Access the Story camera: Tap on your profile icon at the top left corner of the screen or swipe right from your feed to access the Story camera.

  3. Capture a photo or video: Take a photo or record a video using the Story camera. You can also choose to upload an existing photo or video from your phone's gallery by swiping up on the screen.

  4. Tap on the sticker icon: Once you have captured or selected the media for your IG Story, tap on the sticker icon located at the top of the screen.

  5. Select the music sticker: Scroll through the available stickers and look for the music sticker. It is represented by a music note icon. Tap on it to access the music library.

  6. Choose a song: Browse through the vast collection of songs available in the music library or search for specific songs, genres, or artists using the search bar. Once you find a song you like, tap on it to preview it.

  7. Adjust the song duration: You can choose a specific part of the song to play in your IG Story by sliding the music track along the timeline. This allows you to highlight the best part of the song that suits your story.

  8. Customize the sticker: Move the music sticker around the screen, resize it, or rotate it to position it according to your preference. You can also change the style of the music sticker by tapping on it.

  9. Add additional stickers or effects: Enhance your IG Story further by adding more stickers, GIFs, text, or other interactive elements to complement the music sticker.

  10. Share your Story: Once you are satisfied with your IG Story, tap on the Your Story button at the bottom of the screen to share it with your followers. You can also choose to send it to specific individuals through direct messages.

By following these easy steps, you can effectively add music to your IG Story and create engaging and dynamic content that captures the attention of your audience. Experiment with different songs and effects to discover the perfect combination that suits your storytelling style.

Customizing the Music

Once you've added a music sticker to your Instagram Stories, the next step is to customize the music to perfectly complement your content. Instagram provides a range of options to help you personalize your music selection and enhance your Stories. Here are some key ways to customize the music:

1. Selecting the Right Track
Instagram offers an extensive library of music tracks to choose from. You can either browse through popular songs or use the search bar to find a specific track. The ability to search makes it easy to find a song that matches the mood or theme of your Story. Additionally, you can preview each track before adding it to your Story to ensure it fits perfectly.

2. Trimming the Song
If you only want a specific section of the song to play in your Story, Instagram allows you to trim the track accordingly. This feature helps you keep the music concise and focused, avoiding unnecessary repetitions or lengthy intros.

3. Adding Lyrics
To make your Stories more engaging, Instagram enables you to display song lyrics. After selecting a song, you can tap the lyrics button to choose the exact part of the lyrics you want to share. This feature can be especially useful if you want to highlight a particular line or create a sing-along experience for your viewers.

4. Adjusting the Volume
To ensure the music doesn't overpower your voiceover or other audio elements in your Story, Instagram allows you to adjust the volume of the music sticker. You can increase or decrease the volume using a slider until you achieve the desired audio balance.

5. Sticker Placement
Once you've customized your music, you can place the sticker anywhere in your Story. Drag the music sticker to a suitable location on the screen, resize it, or rotate it to match your aesthetic preferences. Experimenting with sticker placement can add visual interest to your Stories and draw attention to the music.

By customizing the music in your Instagram Stories, you can add your unique touch and create a more engaging experience for your audience. Whether it's selecting the perfect song, trimming it to the ideal length, or adding lyrics, Instagram provides a range of options to enhance your Stories and make them stand out.

Adjusting the Music Volume

When adding music to your Instagram Story, it's important to ensure that the volume is just right. Whether you want the music to take center stage or serve as a subtle background element, Instagram provides options for adjusting the music volume to suit your preferences. In this section, we will explore the easy steps to adjust the music volume in your IG Story.

  1. Select your desired music:
    Before you can adjust the music volume, you need to select the perfect track for your story. Navigate to the music sticker option on Instagram, and choose a song from the extensive library of licensed tracks available. Consider the mood and theme of your story to select a suitable song.

  2. Add the music sticker:
    Once you've chosen the desired track, add the music sticker to your story. Tap on the sticker icon and choose the music sticker option. From there, you can search for the song you want or explore popular tracks and genres. Select the song and position the sticker wherever you prefer on your story.

  3. Access the music volume controls:
    After adding the music sticker, you'll see a volume slider appear on the screen. This slider allows you to control the volume of the music. Simply tap on the slider to access the music volume controls.

  4. Adjust the volume:
    To adjust the music volume, slide the volume control left or right. Moving the slider to the left decreases the volume, while sliding it to the right increases the volume. Instagram provides a range of volume options, allowing you to find the perfect balance between the music and other audio elements in your story.

  5. Preview before posting:
    To ensure that you've achieved the desired music volume, it's recommended to preview your story before posting it. Tap on the preview option to listen to your story with the adjusted music volume. If needed, you can go back and fine-tune the volume control until it's just right.

Remember, finding the right music volume is subjective and depends on your personal preferences and the effect you want to create in your story. Experiment with different volume levels to determine what works best for you and enhances the overall experience of your IG Story.

Music Volume Options:

Volume Level Description
Low Decreases the music volume significantly, making it a subtle background element in your story.
Medium Sets a balanced volume level that allows the music to enhance your story without overpowering other audio elements.
High Increases the music volume, making it the focal point of your story. Perfect for when music is the main feature of your story.

By following these simple steps, you can easily adjust the music volume and add an extra layer of creativity to your Instagram Stories. Take advantage of Instagram's vast music library and fine-tune the volume controls to create engaging and captivating stories that resonate with your audience.

Changing the Music Position

Once you have selected the perfect song to complement your Instagram Story, you may want to adjust the position of the music to enhance the overall experience. Thankfully, Instagram provides users with a simple method to change the position of the music within their Stories. Follow the easy steps below to learn how to do it.

  1. Open the Instagram app: Launch the Instagram app on your device and ensure you are signed in to your account.

  2. Start creating a new Story: Tap on the Your Story icon located at the top-left corner of the screen to begin creating a new Story.

  3. Add a music sticker: Once you are in the Story creation mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the available stickers. Then, select the music sticker from the options presented.

  4. Choose your desired song: Browse through the vast library of songs provided by Instagram and choose the one that best fits the mood or theme of your Story.

  5. Change the music's position: After you have selected the song, you can change its position within your Story. Tap on the music sticker to open the editing options. Here, you will see a timeline representing your Story with a marker indicating the position of the music.

  6. Drag the marker to change the position: To change the position of the music within your Story, simply tap and hold the marker on the timeline, then drag it to the desired location. This allows you to synchronize specific moments within your Story with the beats or lyrics of the song.

  7. Preview and adjust if necessary: Once you have moved the marker, you can preview the changes by playing your Story. If you feel that the music could be better positioned, repeat step 6 until you are satisfied with the result.

  8. Continue editing your Story: After adjusting the music's position, you can further enhance your Story by adding other stickers, text, effects, or filters. Be creative and make your Story truly stand out!

Remember, changing the music's position helps you create a more engaging and memorable Instagram Story. By carefully aligning the music with the visuals and content of your Story, you can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Previewing and Sharing Your Story

Once you have added music to your Instagram story, it's time to preview and share it with your followers. This section will guide you through the process, ensuring that your story is ready to be published and enjoyed by your audience.

1. Preview your story: Before sharing your story, it's important to preview it and make any necessary adjustments. Instagram provides a convenient preview feature that allows you to see how your story will appear to others. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the music is playing correctly, the timing is right, and the overall presentation is satisfactory.

2. Adjust the music volume: While previewing your story, ensure that the music volume is balanced. You can use the volume button on the side of your phone or adjust the volume slider within the Instagram app to find the perfect level. Achieving the right balance between the music and your voice or any other audio is crucial for a pleasant viewing experience.

3. Add captions or stickers: Enhance your story by adding captions or stickers that complement the music. This can provide context, engage your audience, or add a touch of creativity. Instagram offers a wide variety of stickers, such as emojis, location tags, and polls, that can be used to make your story more interactive and engaging.

4. Share your story: Once you are satisfied with the preview, it's time to share your story with the world. Tap the Your Story button at the bottom of the screen to make your story visible to all your followers. Alternatively, you can choose to share it with specific friends or create a close friends list to limit the audience.

5. Engage with your audience: After sharing your story, keep an eye on the engagement it receives. Monitor the number of views, likes, and interactions to gauge its impact. Respond to comments and messages promptly to foster a sense of connection with your audience and encourage further engagement.

Remember, each story has a lifespan of 24 hours, so make the most of this limited time frame to captivate your audience with music-infused creativity. By previewing and sharing your story strategically, you can maximize its reach and impact, leaving a lasting impression on your Instagram followers.

Important Tips
- Preview your story before sharing
- Adjust the music volume for the best audio balance
- Add relevant captions or engaging stickers
- Share your story with your followers or specific friends
- Keep track of engagement and interact with your audience

Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

Adding music to your Instagram Story can be a fun way to enhance your content, but like with any feature, you may encounter some issues along the way. Here are some common problems that users face when trying to add music to their IG Story, along with simple solutions to resolve them.

1. No Music Sticker Option: If you don't see the music sticker option when creating your Story, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device.
  • Some regions may have restrictions on music features, so double-check if your location allows music stickers.
  • Make sure you are using a personal account (not a business account) as music stickers are currently available only for personal accounts.

2. Limited Music Library: Instagram's music library may vary depending on your geographical location and licensing agreements. If you have a limited music library, try the following:

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version to access the most recent music options.
  • Check if your location settings are accurate as some music may be restricted in certain regions.

3. Incompatible Music Format: If you are unable to add a specific song to your Story, it could be due to the format of the music file. Instagram accepts music in the following formats: MP3 and M4A. If the music you are trying to add is not in one of these formats, you will need to convert it using a third-party audio converter before uploading it to your Story.

4. Music Not Playing: If the music is not playing when you view your Story, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your audio settings and make sure the volume is not turned down or muted.
  • Restart your device and open the Instagram app again.
  • If the issue persists, try using a different song from the music library to see if the problem is specific to the selected music track.

Remember, troubleshooting may vary depending on the specific device you are using and the version of the Instagram app installed. If the issues persist, it's always a good idea to check Instagram's official Help Center or reach out to their support team for further assistance.


In conclusion, adding music to your Instagram Stories is a simple and effective way to enhance your content and engage your audience. By following the easy steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly incorporate music into your stories to create a more immersive and captivating experience.

Here are the key takeaways from this guide:

  1. Soundtrack Selection: Choose the perfect song that aligns with the mood and message of your story. Consider using popular tracks or exploring Instagram's vast library of licensed music.

  2. Accessing the Music Library: Tap on the sticker icon in the Instagram Story editor to access the music feature. From there, you can browse through various genres or search for specific tracks.

  3. Adding Music to Stories: Select the desired song and customize its playback duration to sync with your story. You can also trim the song and adjust the volume to create the desired effect.

  4. Sticker Customization: Personalize the way the music sticker appears in your story by selecting different styles, fonts, and sizes.

  5. Previewing and Editing: Before publishing, preview your story to ensure the music is well-integrated. Make any necessary adjustments to the timing or positioning of the music sticker.

  6. Sharing Your Story: Once you're satisfied with the final result, share your story with your followers. They can listen to the music by tapping on the sticker, making the experience more interactive.

Remember, understanding the applicable copyright laws and ensuring that you have the necessary rights to use the music in your stories is crucial. Respect artists' work and only use licensed content or utilize Instagram's built-in music library.

Adding music to your Instagram Stories allows you to add an extra layer of creativity and engage your audience on a deeper level. Whether you're sharing a behind-the-scenes moment or documenting a special occasion, music can help evoke emotions and enhance the overall storytelling experience. Start experimenting with music in your stories today and captivate your audience like never before.

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