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Anna Sorokin Now: The Post-Trial Life and Current Situation of the Infamous Convicted Con Artist

Anna Sorokin, widely known as the fakeress, captured international attention for her audacious con artistry and lavish lifestyle. After a highly publicized trial that garnered significant media coverage, Sorokin was convicted in 2019 of multiple charges, including theft and grand larceny. Since her release from prison in February 2021, speculation about her post-trial life and current situation has piqued curiosity.

Following her release, Sorokin faced immediate deportation proceedings due to her status as a German citizen. However, she won a legal battle against deportation, allowing her to remain in the United States. Presently, she continues to reside in the country, though her exact whereabouts are relatively unknown.

With her notoriety, it was no surprise that the media closely followed Sorokin's post-trial pursuits. Reports suggest that she has been active in the art world, exploring various avenues within the industry. Additionally, she has been actively engaged on social media, offering glimpses into her life and sharing her perspective on world events.

While her exact circumstances and future endeavors remain elusive, Sorokin's story continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Many are curious to witness how she navigates her post-trial life, whether she seeks redemption, or if her past will continue to define her.## Life after the Trial

After being convicted of multiple charges including grand larceny and theft of services, Anna Sorokin, the infamous con artist, faced the consequences of her actions. Her trial garnered significant media attention, and people were curious about what would happen to her once the trial concluded.

  1. Prison Sentence and Parole: Following her conviction in 2019, Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison. She was held at the Albion Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in upstate New York. In February 2021, Sorokin was granted parole after serving approximately 20 months of her sentence.

  2. Release and Deportation Hearing: In February 2021, Sorokin was released from prison, but her legal battles were not over. Due to her non-U.S. citizenship status, there was a possibility of her deportation. She faced a hearing before the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to determine her future in the United States.

  3. Social Media Presence and Posts: Throughout her time in prison, Sorokin managed to maintain a social media presence. She maintained an active Instagram account where she shared updates about her life and thoughts. These posts garnered mixed reactions, with some criticizing her perceived lack of remorse while others found interest in her perspective on her experiences.

  4. Plans for Future Projects: Despite her infamous reputation, Anna Sorokin expressed her plans to write a memoir and create a podcast. It remains to be seen whether these projects will come to fruition and how the public will respond to her continued presence in the media.

  5. Financial Obligations and Restitution: In addition to her prison sentence, Sorokin was ordered by the court to pay restitution and fines. The exact sum of money she owed was not disclosed publicly, but she was required to repay the banks and individuals she defrauded.

It is important to note that details of Anna Sorokin's life after the trial are still unfolding. Her actions and their consequences have left a lasting impact on the public's perception of her. As she ventures into the post-trial phase, it remains to be seen the extent to which she can rebuild her life and reputation.

Current Legal Status

After a high-profile trial in 2019, Anna Sorokin, the infamous convicted con artist, was found guilty on multiple charges, including theft and grand larceny. She had been posing as a wealthy German heiress named Anna Delvey, deceiving New York's elite circles and attempting to secure substantial loans and services through fraudulent means.

Following her conviction, Anna Sorokin was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. She began serving her sentence at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, a maximum-security prison in Westchester County, New York. During her time in prison, Sorokin maintained a low profile and expressed remorse for her actions.

In February 2021, after serving just under three years, Sorokin was released on parole for good behavior. Her release caught media attention, sparking curiosity about her post-trial life and future plans.

Since her release, Anna Sorokin has remained relatively private. While there have been occasional sightings and social media posts, she has mostly avoided the public eye. Reports suggest that she has adopted a more low-key lifestyle as she seeks to rebuild her life after the trial.

While she is no longer behind bars, Sorokin's legal battles are not entirely over. She still faces deportation proceedings, as she is a Russian citizen residing in the United States on a visa. The outcome of this process will determine whether she can remain in the country or if she will have to return to Russia.

With her newfound freedom, Sorokin may explore opportunities in various realms, including writing, art, or even potential collaborations with media outlets interested in her unique story. However, any future endeavors will likely be shaped by the legal restrictions and challenges she faces.

In conclusion, Anna Sorokin, the once prominent figure in the New York social scene, has completed her prison sentence and is now navigating the challenges of rebuilding her life. While her legal battles continue, only time will tell what lies ahead for this infamous convicted con artist.

Fact Data/Statistic
Sentence Four to twelve years in prison
Prison Maintained good behavior during her time in prison
Release Date Released on parole in February 2021
Legal Status Facing potential deportation

Impact on the Art World

The conviction of Anna Sorokin, the infamous convicted con artist, has left a significant impact on the art world, particularly within the socialite circles of New York City. Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, posed as a wealthy German heiress, successfully deceiving numerous individuals and establishments within the art community. Her fraudulent activities, including attempting to secure substantial loans for art projects, have had repercussions that continue to resonate within the industry.

1. Losses suffered by art professionals

Sorokin's elaborate scheme resulted in substantial financial losses for various art professionals and institutions. As part of her fraudulent lifestyle, she forged connections with renowned artists, curators, and gallery owners, exploiting their trust to gain access to exclusive art events and social gatherings. Many unsuspecting individuals unwittingly extended her credit lines, loaned her artwork, or provided her with free accommodations, resulting in significant financial and reputational damage.

2. Erosion of trust and credibility

Sorokin's deception has had a profound effect on the issue of trust and credibility within the art world. Her ability to seamlessly integrate herself into the art community and substantiate her false identity raised questions about the effectiveness of existing due diligence processes. As a result, art professionals and collectors have become more cautious, adopting rigorous verification procedures to avoid falling victim to similar fraudulent schemes.

3. Increased scrutiny in art transactions

The conviction of Anna Sorokin has prompted increased scrutiny in the art world and has heightened awareness of potential fraudulent activities within the industry. Art institutions, galleries, and auction houses have become more diligent in verifying the authenticity of buyers and sellers, particularly those with extravagant claims or questionable backgrounds. This heightened vigilance serves to protect the integrity of the art market and ensure a more secure environment for conducting art transactions.

4. Awareness of the vulnerability of the art world

Sorokin's high-profile case has shed light on the vulnerability of the art world to sophisticated fraudsters. Her ability to exploit the social dynamics and exclusivity of the art community highlighted existing weaknesses in security protocols and background checks. Art institutions and professionals have since taken steps to enhance security measures, including implementing stricter access controls and more thorough vetting processes.

The impact of Anna Sorokin's fraudulent activities within the art world cannot be underestimated. Her conviction has caused financial losses, eroded trust, increased scrutiny, and brought attention to the vulnerabilities of the art community. As a result, the industry has responded with heightened caution, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining the integrity of art transactions and protecting against potential fraudulent schemes.

Media Attention and Public Perception

Since her highly publicized trial and subsequent conviction, Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, has continued to capture media attention and intrigue. Her story, characterized by deception and extravagant lifestyle, has become a fascination for both the public and the media, resulting in ongoing coverage and speculation about her post-trial life and current situation.

Media Coverage: Sorokin's trial garnered significant coverage from various media outlets, with numerous publications following every detail of her case. The media played a crucial role in bringing her story to light, presenting her as a charismatic and cunning con artist who deceived influential circles in New York City's elite social scene. News articles, TV segments, and documentaries centered on her deceptive practices, her lavish lifestyle, and the impact she had on those around her.

Public Perception: Sorokin's actions and subsequent conviction have divided public opinion. While some view her as a master manipulator and criminal who exploited others for personal gain, others see her as a captivating antihero, challenging societal norms and exposing the excesses of the wealthy. Public perception of Sorokin is colored by a combination of fascination, disdain, and a morbid curiosity surrounding her audacious swindling.

Social Media and Online Presence: Sorokin maintains a presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her current life. Her posts often feature images of her expensive wardrobe, travel adventures, and social outings, further fueling public interest in her post-trial lifestyle. However, opinions on her online presence are polarized, with some praising her audacity, while others criticize her for flaunting ill-gotten gains.

Financial Situation: Following her conviction, Anna Sorokin declared bankruptcy, claiming she had no assets or money to compensate her victims. This declaration of insolvency only added to the intrigue surrounding her case, leading to speculation about the whereabouts of the money she had purportedly amassed through her fraudulent activities. As a result, her current financial situation remains a subject of speculation and curiosity.

Sorokin's story continues to captivate the public, as her trial and conviction have left an enduring impact on media coverage and public perception. While some see her as a criminal prodigy, others view her as an emblematic figure representing the blurred lines between ambition, deception, and the desire for acceptance within modern society. Whether her story will continue to grab headlines or fade into obscurity remains to be seen.

Financial Restitution

After being found guilty of multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services, Anna Sorokin, the infamous convicted con artist, now faces the task of making financial restitution for her fraudulent actions. Let's delve into the current situation surrounding her financial obligations and the steps being taken to rectify the damage caused.

Paying back the victims

One of the primary goals of the justice system is to ensure that victims are compensated for their losses. In the case of Anna Sorokin, numerous individuals and businesses were deceived and suffered significant financial harm. As a result, she has been ordered to make restitution payments to her victims.

Breakdown of restitution

The exact amount of restitution that Anna Sorokin is required to pay has been determined based on the evidence presented during her trial. While the specific figures may vary depending on the individual victims, it is estimated that the total amount is substantial.

The restitution process involves determining the losses incurred by each victim and prioritizing the distribution of funds. An appointed authority oversees this process to ensure fairness and transparency.

Challenges and assets

As with any financial restitution, there may be challenges in recouping the full amount owed. It is essential to consider both the available assets and the ability of the convicted individual to generate income to meet their obligations.

In the case of Anna Sorokin, it has been reported that she does possess some assets, including art and personal belongings. However, the realization of these assets and their value may face certain hurdles. Additionally, her earning potential post-trial may be limited, making it necessary to explore alternative means of meeting the restitution payments.

Path to financial restitution

While the specifics of Anna Sorokin's path to financial restitution are still being determined, it is expected that a combination of asset liquidation, income generated through work or other means, and potentially negotiated arrangements will be employed. This multi-faceted approach aims to ensure victims receive the compensation they deserve and support the process of rebuilding their lives.

As the restitution process proceeds, each victim will be contacted and informed of the progress. The priority remains on achieving fair compensation for those affected by Anna Sorokin's fraudulent activities.

Note: The exact details of the restitution process are subject to legal oversight and may vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific circumstances of the case.

Social and Professional Relationships

After her conviction and subsequent release from prison, Anna Sorokin has faced significant challenges in rebuilding her social and professional relationships. The revelation of her extensive fraud scheme and the subsequent media attention have left many skeptical of her intentions and trustworthiness.

Social Relationships

  • Sorokin's social circle has significantly contracted since her trial. Many of her previous acquaintances and friends have distanced themselves from her due to the negative associations with her fraudulent activities.
  • While incarcerated, Sorokin had limited opportunities for social interaction, which further impacted her ability to maintain relationships outside of prison.
  • Since her release, Sorokin has kept a relatively low profile and has been selective in establishing new friendships. She reportedly spends most of her time with a small group of loyal supporters who were willing to look past her controversial past.

Professional Relationships

  • Anna Sorokin's fraudulent activities have made it extremely challenging for her to regain trust within professional circles. Many companies and individuals are hesitant to engage in any business dealings with her.
  • In 2019, while still in prison, Sorokin signed a deal with Netflix to produce a television series based on her experiences. However, it is unclear whether the project will proceed due to the legal complexities and public opinion surrounding her case.
  • Sorokin has expressed interest in launching her own fashion brand, a venture that aligns with her previous aspirations to be seen as a prominent figure in the New York City socialite scene. However, it remains to be seen whether she will be able to find investors or collaborators who are willing to take a chance on her.

Although Anna Sorokin has faced significant challenges in rebuilding her social and professional relationships, she remains determined to reshape her image and pursue new opportunities. The road ahead for her will undoubtedly be difficult, but it is not uncommon for individuals with a troubled past to find redemption and chart a new course for themselves.

Future Plans

Anna Sorokin, the infamous convicted con artist, may have faced serious legal consequences for her fraudulent actions, but she is determined to rebuild her life after completing her prison sentence. Despite the public scrutiny and notoriety surrounding her case, Sorokin has expressed her ambitions and aspirations for the future.

  1. Writing and Speaking Engagements: Leveraging her experiences and the attention garnered from her trial, Sorokin has expressed interest in writing a book about her life. She believes that sharing her story and insights could provide valuable lessons for others. Additionally, she has shown an eagerness to engage in public speaking events, where she can discuss her experiences and offer guidance on avoiding fraudsters.

  2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Throughout her trial and imprisonment, Sorokin has displayed a remarkable ability to think creatively and craft compelling narratives. She has expressed an interest in launching her own business focused on fashion or art, leveraging her connections and knowledge gained from her time in New York's high society. Sorokin has attributed her past fraudulent schemes to a misguided desire to fit into the upper echelons of society, and she now aspires to contribute to these worlds in an honest and legitimate way.

  3. Philanthropy and Advocacy: Sorokin, acknowledging the harm and disruption caused by her actions, has voiced a desire to make amends by actively engaging in philanthropy and advocacy. She aims to support organizations and causes that aid individuals who have been affected by fraud or face financial difficulties. Sorokin's first-hand understanding of the consequences of criminal actions fuels her commitment to making a positive impact.

  4. Personal Growth and Redemption: As Sorokin moves forward with her life, she aims to focus on personal growth, redemption, and self-improvement. In interviews, she has spoken about the importance of learning from her mistakes and working towards becoming a better person. Sorokin acknowledges that her actions were wrong and is committed to making a sincere effort to change and grow.

It remains to be seen how Sorokin's future plans will unfold and whether she will be able to successfully transition to a legitimate and law-abiding life. While some may be skeptical of her intentions, Sorokin is determined to move forward and make a positive impact in whatever ventures she pursues. Time will reveal how she will shape her post-trial life and the extent of her ability to turn her past infamy into something more constructive and meaningful.

Lessons Learned

Financial deception comes at a cost

Anna Sorokin's case serves as a stark reminder of the consequences one faces when engaging in financial deception. Sorokin's elaborate schemes allowed her to live a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of others, but her deception ultimately caught up with her. Her conviction and subsequent sentencing to prison highlight the severity of the crimes she committed.

Transparency and integrity matter

Sorokin's actions shed light on the importance of transparency and integrity, particularly when it comes to financial dealings. Her deceptive practices involved falsifying documents, misrepresenting her financial status, and manipulating others for personal gain. This emphasizes the necessity of conducting due diligence and maintaining honesty in all financial transactions.

Identity verification is crucial

Sorokin's ability to deceive others for an extended period highlights the need for robust identity verification methods. By assuming various personas and creating fictional backstories, she successfully misled many individuals. This highlights the importance of establishing identity verification protocols to safeguard against such fraudulent activities.

Accountability and justice prevail

The legal proceedings against Sorokin underscore the effectiveness of the justice system in holding individuals accountable for their actions. Despite her attempts to manipulate the legal process and portray herself as a victim, Sorokin was found guilty and sentenced accordingly. This demonstrates that justice can prevail, even in complex cases involving intricate financial scams.

Public awareness exposes fraudsters

Sorokin's case garnered significant media attention, leading to increased public awareness surrounding her fraudulent activities. Through news coverage and extensive online discussions, her schemes were brought to light, subsequently protecting potential victims from falling prey to similar scams. This highlights the importance of public vigilance and collaboration in exposing fraudsters.

Lessons for society as a whole

Sorokin's case serves as a valuable lesson for society, emphasizing several key points:

  • Question suspicious claims: It is essential to scrutinize extravagant financial claims and offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Verify information: Independent verification of personal and financial information can help identify potential fraudsters.
  • Learn from past scams: By studying cases like Sorokin's, individuals can arm themselves with knowledge to recognize and prevent fraud.

By studying these lessons, individuals and organizations can protect themselves from falling victim to financial scams and contribute to a more secure and vigilant society.

Lesson Importance
Financial deception comes at a cost High
Transparency and integrity matter High
Identity verification is crucial Medium
Accountability and justice prevail High
Public awareness exposes fraudsters Medium
Lessons for society as a whole High

Reflection on the Scandal

After spending years deceiving New York City's elite and living a lavish lifestyle under a false identity, Anna Sorokin, the infamous convicted con artist, found herself at the center of a highly publicized trial. Following her conviction on multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services, Sorokin has had ample time to reflect on the events that led to her downfall.

  1. Personal Growth and Remorse: Since her incarceration, Sorokin has expressed her remorse for the deceptions she orchestrated and the harm she caused to those around her. She has taken this period of introspection to reflect on her actions and the consequences they brought.

  2. Insight into Motivations: Through interviews and public statements, Sorokin has shed some light on the motivations behind her elaborate schemes. She aimed to join the ranks of New York's upper crust and immerse herself in a world of luxury and privilege, driven by a desire for acceptance and validation.

  3. Empathy for Victims: Sorokin has shown signs of developing empathy for her victims. She acknowledges the pain and financial loss she inflicted on individuals and businesses. In recent interviews, she has expressed a willingness to make amends and work towards repaying her debts.

  4. Learning from Mistakes: During her time in prison, Sorokin has had the opportunity to reflect on her actions and consider the implications of her choices. She has shared that this period of incarceration has been a catalyst for personal growth and a chance to reconsider her values and priorities.

  5. Future Aspirations: With her release from prison, Sorokin has taken steps towards building a new life. She has expressed a desire to use her experiences and lessons learned as a platform for personal and professional growth. While some have criticized her ambitions, Sorokin remains optimistic about her future.

As Anna Sorokin enters the next phase of her life, she has the opportunity to use her unique experiences and newfound self-awareness to make a positive impact. While the scandal surrounding her actions continues to generate public interest, Sorokin is determined to move forward, embrace growth, and rebuild her life with authenticity and integrity.


In conclusion, Anna Sorokin's trial and subsequent conviction sent shockwaves through the media and public alike. Her audacious schemes and elaborate web of lies captivated audiences, earning her infamy as the SoHo Grifter. However, with her sentencing and subsequent imprisonment, what has become of Anna Sorokin now?

Since her conviction, Anna Sorokin has been serving her sentence at the Albion Correctional Facility in New York. Despite her high-profile persona, she has managed to maintain a relatively low profile during her incarceration. Limited information about her day-to-day life or interactions with other inmates has been made available to the public.

While serving her sentence, Sorokin has reportedly been involved in various educational and creative pursuits, utilizing her time to broaden her knowledge and explore her interests. It is believed that she has been working on writing a memoir and has expressed aspirations to pursue a career in the arts upon her release.

As for her financial status, Anna Sorokin was ordered to pay restitution and fines totaling $198,956.19 as part of her sentencing. It remains to be seen how she plans to fulfill this financial obligation after her release from prison.

Looking ahead, Sorokin's release date is slated for February 2022, but this is subject to change based on good behavior and other factors. Once free, she will face the challenge of rebuilding her life outside the confines of prison walls. It is uncertain how her previous actions and notoriety will impact her ability to secure future employment or reintegrate into society.

The case of Anna Sorokin serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the consequences of fraudulent behavior and manipulation. While her trial may have provided entertainment and fascination, it is essential to remember the real-world harm caused by such actions.

In the end, the post-trial life and current situation of Anna Sorokin remain somewhat shrouded in mystery. As she readies herself for her imminent release, the world watches with curiosity to see what lies ahead for the infamous convicted con artist.

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